Home Security Cameras

Meet our newest HD crime fighter

Introducing our indoor and outdoor home security cameras simple, live, high-definition protection for your home.

Simplicity, functionality, and value.

Setup in minutes
Unbox, plug in power, install via app it’s that simple.
Live feed and cloud storage
Check in from anywhere, anytime with your home security camera.

Explore the features.

Crystal clear HD feed

720p HD, a smooth 25 frames-per-second feed, and a 60° field of view — combined, you get a perfect view of your home, always.

Small, purposeful design

Sleek and discreet, your home security camera comes with a full-swivel base for capturing any angle.

Night vision

4 infrared LEDs automatically light up to 16 feet ahead in low-light conditions enabling you to see an entire room, day or night.

Live streaming

Quickly and easily access a live feed from anywhere in the world using your iOS or Android smart device and our interactive app.

Secure streaming

128-bit AES – the most secure encryption protocol available – keeps your video feed completely private.

Event notifications

Receive push notification alerts with video feed quick-view links so you know exactly how to respond.


Outdoor home security cameras.
Now available.

24 infrared LEDs
light up to 65’ ahead

Clear 720p HD video
at 30 frames-per-second

128-bit AES encryption
keeps your feed secure

Delivering the Best Security Solutions to Our Clients