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Wireless Smoke & Heat Detectors

Wireless Smoke and Heat detectors have a built-in radio frequency module which allows them to communicate with their paired control panel and other wireless devices on the system. They are the primary means of fire detection, constantly checking for the presence of key fire indicators and reporting back to the panel when a potential fire is noticed. Wireless Detectors are also addressed and can be assigned to virtual zones, similar to Addressable Fire Alarm Systems, to aid occupants and emergency services in locating the fire by displaying relevant information on the Wireless Control Panel.
• Fully addressable for location reporting at panel
• Dual replaceable lithium cells for up to 1-year battery life
• Compact, attractive design
• Detector sensitivity can be configured from the panel
• Detector-only, Sounder, and Sounder & Beacon models available

Addressable Smoke & Heat Detectors

To operate with an addressable fire alarm panel, smoke, heat and multi-sensor detectors require specially designed bases that give each detector an “address” for the fire alarm panel to recognize. We offer a range of standard, isolating, beacon and sounder beacon mounting bases that allow the detectors to form part of the addressable system.
• Fully addressable for location reporting at panel
• Available with integrated Sounder
• Detector classification easily set at the control panel
• Compact, attractive design
• Supplied with base and battery for easy installation

All our products can be Combined Easily & Individually

We provide you with products and solutions that are reliable, flexible and customer-specific. Our modular approach offers you effective fire safety with maximum flexibility. All our products can be combined easily and individually so that a complete solution is achieved with components from one source. Tailored to your individual needs, our fire alarm systems address complex, mid-sized and small applications in every respect. You can be sure of that as a trusted and reliable partner we fully support you with our experience and expertise during every step of your project; whether it be planning, system integration, installation and use, or maintenance and repair.

A global Product Portfolio

In addition to the wide range of fire safety products in accordance with the EN standards, we offer a solid UL-approved product portfolio which features all major benefits:

– Proven quality
– Outstanding detection performance
– Intuitive programming
– Optimized detector design
– IP connectivity

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