Technically advanced and elegant design motors for both swing & sliding gates.



Operate through wireless keyfob or free app on your mobile.



Open and close the gate automatically for your comfort & convenience.

High-Tech at your fingertips

The HLS Smart Gate device can be installed at all types of gates to automate their opening/closing providing you a comfortable lifestyle without any hassle and
physical stress.


Control the Device with your Smart Phone

The HLS Smart Gate works with free Smart Life App to create users, grant access, open/close the gate. Share and control access to your garage from a single app.


An Intelligent Gate Control Solution


Multiple Key Fobs Connectivity

You can connect multiple wireless keyfobs with the Smart Gate for all family members.


All Platforms

The Smart Life App is available for iOS and Android operating systems.


Secure & Convenient

The Smart Gate also provides additional security. It can withstand extreme physical force to stop forced entry.


HLS Quality

Like all HLS products you get the best quality and performance assurance that comes with HLS brand.


IFTTT/ Google Home

You can also operate your HLS Smart Gate with IFTTT applets and Google Home Device.


iBeacon Compatible

When you approach the garage door with your car, the application automatically pops up on the screen of your phone for even more convenience.

A Wide Range of Uses

Garage Door

Automatic Gates

Industrial Doors

Automatic Barriers

Swing Gate

Sliding Gate

Frequently Asked Questions

HLS Smart Gate can be installed at any type of gate beit industrial gates, warehouses, farmhouses or homes.

The application works with every smart phone running the iOS 8.0 or newer operating system. The free application needed to control the device is also available for the Android operating systems.

You can install the product yourself, but for optimal installation and long life we recommend that an expert is consulted and installation done by technical staff.

You can attach multiple wireless keyfobs with the device and also share the access through you Smart Life App to as many people as you wish.

You have to immediately delete the keyfob and your phone access from the Smart Gate by restoring the key fob code and App control.

You do not need internet to operate the device. However, if you wish to operate the device remotely or use with IFTTT applet or Google Home you will require internet access.

Ideally, we recommend having an alternative power source connected to the device. However, in case of no electricity manual override keys are provided which can disengage the Smart Gate.

Our helpline support is available 24×7. Additionally, the device carries a 6 months manufacturer’s warranty so if anything goes wrong our technical staff will be available to rectify the same at minimum cost.

Delivering the Best Security Solutions to Our Clients