Is your home a smart home? With HLS® the power to transform your home into a smart home now rests at your fingertips. Integrate compatible smart devices and control, manage, and monitor your home from anywhere with just one touch! Your home is more than just four walls; it is a living, breathing space. The sanctuary where your journey unfolds and evolves. We help adapt your home to the rhythm of your life. We create technology that brings your home to life. The HLS® Smart Home uses state of the art technology to integrate several devices which allow you to control and monitor different aspects of your home.

Smart Home Hub

Take control of your home using the HLS® Smart Home Tab. The touch-screen tablet is the supervisory and control hub of the home automation system. It can be used to control all home automation gadgets and devices.

Smart Life App

One App for all your home accessories; the Smart Life App makes it easy to set up and control all your accessories from one place. The App can be used to control your accessories no matter where you are. Access the HLS® Smart Home via the home tab or your smart phone no matter which you use, iOS or Android.

Smart Switches

HLS® Smart Switch gives you the comfort and convenience of switching your lights on and off with a quick tap on your smart phone. Control up to three zones with the 3-gang Smart Switch. Leverage the power of automation and attune your lighting to your routine. The Smart Switch transforms any single or multi-bulb setup into an intelligent lighting system, so can use your existing bulbs regardless of their shape, size, or color.

Smart Fan Control

HLS® Smart Dimmer offers full range dimming with adjustable fade rates and customizable settings via the Smart Life app. It also gives you advanced fan control settings including minimum/maximum fan speed and fan response activity. Engineered to work with fans the switch provides ultimate convenience.

Smart Bulbs

The HLS® Smart Bulbs lets you create your own lighting environment at home using your smart phone. Play with light and choose from a range of different colors to instantly change the look and atmosphere of your room to match your activity or mood. Set the scene effortlessly with one touch of a button and expand your television viewing experience across an entire room or set the lights to your favorite music to enjoy every beat to the fullest.

Smart Socket

Now you can control everyday appliances from anywhere by using the HLS® Smart Socket. You can transform any of your appliances into a smart device, be it your coffee maker, kettle or your toaster. Schedule any appliance to turn on/off via the Countdown feature from the Smart Home app for your convenience. Portable Smart Sockets give you the freedom to transfer your control in any part of your house.


Curtain Control

HLS® will automate your curtains so you can open and close your curtains directly from the Smart Life app. You can set timers to draw your curtains at a fixed time such as when you wake up, leave home or in the evening. Using the app let your curtains gently wake you up with rays of bright sunlight in the morning.

Video Door Bell

HLS® offers you a world of convenience with its occupancy sensor lights that ensure you do not have to find the light switch every time you walk in your closet or bathroom. It also saves you from the hazard of switching the lights with wet hands. The smart lighting system also ensures plenty of energy savings by turning the lights off when there is no one present in the room hence, it practically pays for itself.

Universal IR Control

Imagine controlling your Air conditioner, LED TV, Blu-ray player or any remote-controlled device all from your smartphone. The Universal IR Blaster will distribute your commands to all your devices giving you more control and convenience in your home. Now turn on your Air conditioner in advance and enjoy a cool and comfortable home and save on energy costs.

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