What We Do For You

HLS is dedicated to delivering the best Security Products and services available in the industry. We are continuously striving to achieve excellence and invent new ways to keep your Family & Business Secure.

iShield Pro

The iShield Pro is a STATE OF THE ART SECURITY SYSTEM. With a touch-operated user friendly interface the system offers great ease. This system is designed with high-tech features and advanced Aesthetics to Seamlessly fit in your lifestyle. Wireless connectivity with sensors and a built-in GSM module for communication make it truly unique. There is a multitude of sensors and security devices that can attach to this system wirelessly and provide you security from Intrusion, Burglary, Fire, Flood or any medical emergency.

Smart Home

In this day and age Technology governs every aspect of Our Lives and Our Homes are no exception.

HLS® is proud to introduce its Smart Home solution to automate your home and help you take a step into the future. Our Smart Home uses wireless technology to control basic home functions automatically and remotely. Almost all of the electronic devices in your home will be integrated in to a network to form an ‘Internet of things’. This will result in convenience, efficiency and reduced human effort.

Electric Fence

The Electric fence is a part of the first line of protection to your premises. It has the ability to severely shock any intruder. The electric fence makes it impossible for intruder to scale your home wall. The system has a backup battery so that your security is not compromised during a power outage.

CCTV Surveillance & Live View

Secure your premises with CCTV Cameras Surveillance to ensure your peace of mind 24/7. Our surveillance system is comprised of Infrared-Enabled Night Vision, Motion Detection and HD Live View and Recording. View your premises from anywhere in the world using a computer or handheld device that is connected to the internet. Our system offers you the ability to view, monitor and record activity on your premises in all kinds of lighting.

Fire Alarm System

Most advanced fire alarm systems use wireless technology and smart devices to protect and manage automated buildings from a remote-control panel, typically a mobile app that can be downloaded, installed and managed from a smartphone.

These modern smart fire alarm systems are more sensitive than classic models and are better at avoiding false alarms. With better design and stronger resistance, they can be placed in areas difficult to reach and give instructions about the best escape route to the people in the building.

Auto Gates

Your home welcomes you with open arms every time open you swing gate with just a press of a button.You will be mesmerized by the grace way your gate opens and will truly enjoy the easy of access to your own home. You’ll never have to worry about getting wet or getting burned by the heat of the sun while openning your gate


Security is normally the top answer prevent opportunist thieves and unwanted callers checking out your property and possessions.

  1. Check callers to your premise with an intercom system activation of the gate can all be controlled by you from inside your property.
  2. Protection for pets and children, kepping them within the safe perimeter, away from traffic dangers.
  3. Investment add value to your property, improving the look and enhance status of the property.
  4. Convenience, the simplicity of arriving home in the wind and rain on dark evening without having to leaving comfort and safety of your car can be click away.

Delivering the Best Security Solutions to Our Clients