Alarm System

The iShield Pro is a state of the art security system. With a touch-operated user friendly interface the system offers great ease. This system is designed with high-tech features and advanced aesthetics to seamlessly fit in your lifestyle. Wireless connectivity with sensors and a built-in GSM module for communication make it truly unique. There is a multitude of sensors and security devices that can attach to this system wirelessly and provide you security from intrusion, burglary, fire, flood or any medical emergency.
iShield Pro can also be operated remotely, to suit your lifestyle and needs, using the mobile app or remote key fob, or a simple sms command. With our automated home alarm systems, you can control your sensors, detectors, door locks, lighting, appliances and temperature controls.
The system can be armed in stay or away mode. The stay mode gives you peace of mind at home and only arms selected devices so that you do not set off false alarms. Whereas, the away mode arms all the devices installed and gives your home complete protection.

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