HLS® also provides Customized renewable solar powered system solution to its customers.

We give turnkey arrangements and we have some expertise in Energy effectiveness transformation and in this manner give Energy proficiency consultancy too. We plan to help all premises in Pakistan be it remote or city territory and free individuals from the intense power blackouts being confronting looked by individuals of Pakistan, we have expert designers to give modified answers for clients need with highest caliber and most minimal potential rates.

Here is what makes us different

In contrast to the greater part of our rivals, we are not makers. That is the reason our innovation unbiased methodology empowers us to locate the best Energy answers for your necessities. Our people are enthusiastic about vitality arrangements. It’s this energy that drives us to ceaselessly develop and give best-of-class services in the sun oriented industry.

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Safety of Product

To guarantee that items are totally sheltered, we don’t depend just on producers’ quality confirmations. A HLS team of engineers and technicians performs pressure tests on all items. Random sample of items by all makers are tested for dependability and execution.

Our professional network of experienced solar installers, engineers and contractors allows us to combine affordable solar power solutions with the highest standards of customer service excellence.

Solar solutions to control your energy costs.

With a vast experience HLS® perfectly controls the process from A to Z. Whether you are interested in solar power systems for residential solar energy or commercial solar energy applications, HLS has affordable solar energy solutions for you.


Why Choose HLS Solar Energy Solution

Markets for solar energy are maturing rapidly around the country, and solar electricity is now economically-competitive with conventional energy sources.

Expert Advice

Our team takes great pride in finding solutions for any solar energy or electrical issues our customers may have.

Highly Upgradeable

Most of our packages can be easily upgraded. Start small and add more as your family size and electricity usage change.

Wifi and Energy Monitoring

We supply integrated monitoring solutions for all solar and battery storage requirements.

Solar solutions to control your energy costs.

There are a number of benefits of solar power:

Probably the most significant is that you no longer are forced to pay that increasing electric bill. Solar can produce 70% or more of the power you need for daily life.
Current government rebates and incentives will often save you nearly 50% off the price of solar equipment and installation.
Installing a solar panel system will increase the value of your property.
Save the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.



  • Probably the most significant is that you no longer are forced to pay that increasing electric bill. Solar can produce 70% or more of the power you need for daily life.
  • Eliminate or reduce your utility bill
  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Give you energy independence from your utility
  • Increase the value of your home

Delivering the Best Security Solutions to Our Clients